SmartBUSINESS - INNOVATIVE PLATFORM for automating business processes based on behavioral information (project code 129017)
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Program Competitiveness 2014-2020.


Following and understanding the users' path in a web application we learn and understand the users' behavioral models so that on subsequent visits to deliver personalized content 1 to 1 based on his preferences.

Our product recommendation engine is based on your consumer insights and personalizes the communications to fit each customer's preferences utilizing our models to cleverly predict and show the wanted products. We use predictive algorithms and scoring rules to support your sales success and assure long-term client loyalty.

SmartBusiness delivers outstanding insights and makes the best use of your data to help you convert more prospects.

Our sophisticated recommendation engine analyzes information included in your product feed, the potential buyer's persona is then constructed from the information derived from their interaction with your brand, including things like titles, descriptions, availability, price as well as consumer actions such as adding to a wishlist or buying.

Hybrid Retail

We help your customers to have a similar way to act and buy as in an online environment by providing a seamless buyer journey that enables customers to switch platforms, devices, and channels, while still having a connected multichannel retail experience.

Using our mobile application, your clients can shop in physical stores without having any contact with cash registers, being able to scan and pay the products directly with their phones.

SmartBUSINESS can help you make your shopping experience more convenient, relevant, timely, and visible.

For shop owners:
Understand better your clients by having access to unified online & offline behavioral information.

Predict better with what and when to update your product inventory based on the behavior of your customers.

For customers:
No more waiting in line to place an order since you can directly scan and bag while shopping.

Pay with any combination of cards, Apple Pay, and other payment methods using single or multiple cards.
Payment information is tokenized and kept by the payment provider to maximize security and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliance.

See recommended products and the best offers customized only for you.

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