SmartBUSINESS - INNOVATIVE PLATFORM for automating business processes based on behavioral information (project code 129017)
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Program Competitiveness 2014-2020.

Understand each user uniquely - We help you create personalized product suggestions for each customer based on your product inventory and online user behavior analysis.

Give every customer a unique, personalized experience - You can give consumers exactly what they want - a unique experience every time thanks to SmartBusiness' AI-based personalization engine.

Increase your conversion rate - We enhance your conversions by incorporating a script into your web platform that learns and comprehends the users' behavioral models. This way, we can provide personalized content to each unique user from the very first visit.

Improve your consumer loyalty - We increase your customers' lifetime value and build brand loyalty by understanding them and their needs every time they visit your site. Communicate with them one-on-one as if you were their closest friend.

Automate business processes with RPA - Start automating time-consuming tasks like customer segmentation, behavioral analysis, A/B testing, and business communication.

Delight your customers using gamification - Learn from visitors and customers as they have fun discovering the product that fits their needs through play.

We improve your users' experience using the latest gamification and behavioral design methodologies, increasing engagement, brand loyalty, and sales while turning first-time customers into lifelong customers.

Cookies-free increased web security - increase users' trust in your e-commerce platform because they will never be asked to accept the cookie policy.

Gather valuable customer experience insights - sentiment analysis gives you a glimpse into the market's hidden perception of your brand and what customers expect from you

Your business becomes more sustainable - we consume 10 times less resources than other referral engines. We only use precise and narrow uses of AI training models.

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