SmartBUSINESS - INNOVATIVE PLATFORM for automating business processes based on behavioral information (project code 129017)
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Program Competitiveness 2014-2020.


SmartBusiness provides shoppers with an enhanced, personalized user experience, increasing the sales of online stores.

We do this by displaying uniquely customized products for each client.

Based on the analysis of online behavior, we offer each customer unique, personalized recommendations regarding products that match their preferences and behavior patterns.

Accurate user fingerprinting without cookies

By analyzing multiple data sources (hardware, software, patterns of use, and more), we uniquely identify every user and keep their data pseudo-anonymous, without cookies.

User behavior understanding

Based on their usual online interactions, we can analyze and understand their consumer behavior and preferences.

Business processes automation using RPA

Using process automation features, we facilitate the work of marketing specialists in online stores by automating repetitive processes such as customer segmentation, understanding user behavior, A / B testing, commercial communication, and more.

Real-time mapping of a user journey

We collect each interaction, no matter how small it is, in real-time, save each trip of the user in the online store, and link it to the respective user's fingerprint.

Sentiment analysis

Measures the attitude of the customer towards the aspects of a service or product which they describe in a text, by returning a “score” that measures how positive or negative the text is, thus, being able to observe the customer's satisfaction with the brand or a certain product.

Eye Tracking

Our technology converts eye movements into a data stream that contains information such as pupil position, the gaze vector for each eye, and gaze point and decodes eye movements and translates them into useful insights.

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