About us

WEBMAGNAT SRL is a Romanian web software development solutions company established in 2007 in Iași. The company became in the 15 years of activity a respected partner for its customers in the automation of business processes by creating software applications based on Artificial Intelligence and marketing campaigns that bring real value to its customers and help companies scale.

ICEBERG PLUS SRL is a tech company from Romania, that specializes in innovative services and technology transfer, funded projects with non-reimbursable development strategies. Iceberg’s technology division is developing a unique service ecosystem, focused on the digital transformation of communities, through technologies adapted to each beneficiary and process digitization. This division is focused currently on the development of solutions and services in areas such as Big Data, Business Analytics, Smart City, Security, IoT, and AI for organizations public and private in Romania and Europe. With offices in Brașov, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Constanța, Iași, and Paris and with a network of partners at the European level, Iceberg is a hub of ideas and resources that generate innovation.